Ka Makani Ka’ili Koa is an established 501(c)3 Non-profit organization in the state of Hawaii. 

Kā Makani Kāʻili Koa

Non-profit Status

Kā Makani Kāʻili Koa (KMKK) is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, scientific, literary purposes, and to foster national or international amateur sports competition as specified in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, including making distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under the same section. This designation aligns with all corresponding sections of any future federal tax code revisions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve and perpetuate Native Hawaiian culture by embracing and instilling the value of perseverance, as exemplified by Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop. We are committed to ensuring that the rich heritage and traditions of Kānaka Maoli not only survive but thrive, maintaining their relevance on both global and regional stages.

Through education, community outreach, and cultural preservation, we empower Native Hawaiians to connect with their roots and take pride in their identity. By honoring Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop’s legacy, we inspire resilience and determination for a brighter future.

Our Mission Activities

Preservation of Native Hawaiian Culture

In our dedication to preserving Native Hawaiian culture, we highlight Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop's words on perseverance, emphasizing that this trait is crucial for overcoming difficulties and ensuring the rich heritage and traditions of Kānaka Maoli thrive globally and regionally.

Study and Dissemination of Rizal's Legacy

Embracing Rizalian traits and values requires persistent study and practice of José Rizal’s ideals. By integrating these with Native Hawaiian values, we promote intellectual engagement, cultural understanding, and moral integrity, ensuring these principles endure across generations.

Youth Development and Leadership

Our educational approach empowers youth by consistently fostering leadership and character building. Integrating Native Hawaiian cultural practices with Kauka Rizal’s principles and Scouting, we prepare young leaders for dedicated community and national service.

Cultural and Educational Programs

Our programs emphasize perseverance and aim to educate and engage individuals in the importance of Native Hawaiian culture. Through continuous outreach and education, we ensure these cherished traditions are preserved and carried forward for future generations.

Cultural Preservation and Promotion

Perseverance is crucial in promoting and preserving Native Hawaiian culture, Rizalian chivalry, and Scouting principles. These efforts enhance cultural identity and ensure these traditions' longevity, safeguarding them for future generations. Together, we can keep these legacies alive.

Youth Empowerment through Comprehensive Development Programs

By integrating STEAMY education with cultural values, we nurture leaders who appreciate their heritage, fostering personal and economic success. This comprehensive development ensures they excel in both respects.

Community and Economic Development

Our initiatives for community resilience draw from traditional wisdom and require ongoing innovation. These efforts are vital for creating sustainable economic opportunities to revitalize Hawaii's economy, with a strong emphasis on the cultural impact.

Educational Impact of a Holistic Approach

We offer continuous learning experiences steeped in Native Hawaiian heritage, preparing youth for various career paths. Our unwavering commitment to this holistic educational method significantly enhances their potential to lead and innovate effectively.

Global Influence and Promotion of Values

Our mission is to globally extend the influence of Native Hawaiian culture and principles. Through persistent advocacy and education, we shape international perspectives on community, sustainability, and leadership, fostering a more empathetic and ethical global society.

Our Impact

We are dedicated to preserving and promoting Native Hawaiian culture, fostering a community of strength, dignity, and nobility. Inspired by Kumu Mary Kawena Pukui’s legacy, we integrate traditional practices with modern STEAM disciplines to empower youth and fortify our community. Embracing the ethical principles of Kauka José Rizal, we promote intellectual engagement and moral integrity across generations. Our programs and initiatives create sustainable economic opportunities and ensure the enduring relevance of our heritage. Through persistent advocacy and education, KMKK shapes global perspectives on community, sustainability, and leadership, fostering a more empathetic and ethical world. Join us in upholding our ancestors’ legacy and empowering the Native Hawaiian community for future generations.